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boards, means their valuable time is taken up posting positions and then reading masses of unsuitable CVs.
Placing a job advertisement on the Environmental Jobs Network means you will spend less money and less time and get better results.
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Organisations that advertise environmental positions with us say they get more targeted responses. So with us, you
spend less money and less time, to find the right people to fill roles! Here of some of the
Environmental Jobs Network Reviews.

Rachel Palfrey - Operation Wallecea 


‘We recently used EJN's job advertising service. Through this advertising we ending up hiring 2 employees and both were fantastic. We shall certainly continue to use EJN to advertise our positions in the future'.

Australian Conservation Foundation


'We advertise our vacant positions on the EJN web site because it provides us with the opportunity to reach committed, passionate and skilled people who have the very great potential to join ACF as staff members and work positively to protect, restore and sustain Australia's environment'.

Our community (built up since 2001) is made up of environmental professionals or those seeking to enter the environmental sector - such as those who have relevant qualifications and seek graduate jobs. This means
more quality rather than quantity for those seeking to advertise jobs online.
What are the benefits for advertising positions with our specialist environmental jobs board?
We spend the time uploading your advertisements for free
You can have unlimited text and unlimited hyperlinks in your advertised jobs
When you advertise your role with us your application process remains the same
We embed your position descriptions for free
We include your advert in our weekly newsletter and post it out to our 20,000+ social media followers at no extra cost
All these above reasons are why we believe we are the best to advertise jobs.

Are you still concerned as to whether we are the right place for you to advertise your job vacancies?

Free Job Advertising

Here at Environmental Jobs Network we pride ourselves on not taking a 'post and pray' attitude to vacant
positions. We know how to advertise job vacancies. We work hard to market your position out to the thousands
of job seekers in the environmental sector. If, in the time your advert has been on our jobs advertising page, in
our newsletter and out to our followers on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and your haven't had enough
suitable applicants to your job vacancy, we will give you free job advertising.
That's right we will re-post your position for free until you do get the result you seek!
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