Swinburne University - School of Engineering

In the School of Engineering, Technology and Trades at Swinburne University of Technology we aim to provide you with the skills and knowledge to be life long learners. Employers need people who can research, work with new technologies, solve problems and develop new ideas. It is no longer sufficient enough to learn skills and knowledge in use today; we need to be able to adapt to new and ever changing conditions in the workplace of the future. During your time at Swinburne we will work with you in a learning partnership to meet your development needs and provide you with every opportunity for success. Our staff are dedicated to providing the best possible service to all our students, be they local or international, on campus or in the workplace, in Australia or offshore. Swinburne is helping to meet the growing interest in sustainable business and living practices to protect the environment. Our courses are here to help you become a part of our greener technologies, leading the way into our greener future.