Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management and Sustainability

Study Environmental Management and Sustainability

The University of Newcastle's Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management and Sustainability will equip you with new, sustainable skills that will improve your ‘green’ credentials and prepare you for the strong forecasted growth of jobs in high environmental impact areas over the next decade.

Designed to engage with the broad issues that contemporary societies face in today’s climate, the focus of the program is to integrate theory and practice with interdisciplinary grounding in sustainable policy development and policy implementation, environmental management and impact assessment.

Why study with us?

  • Become an environmental sustainability specialist - sustainability is one of the key drivers of current economic policy, so having an in-depth understanding of how sound environmental practices intersect with business, government and the community is highly regarded in the workforce.
  • Enhance your career opportunities - apply the practical skills and knowledge that you acquire during your studies to specialise in areas across a variety of fields, including research, consultancy, advocacy and private practice.
  • Learn how to manage environmental challenges in your business - effectively and professionally balance the needs of both business and environmental best practice by developing sophisticated frameworks for environmental management.
  • Study online at your own pace - the University of Newcastle’s advanced online learning system will enable you to achieve your fully accredited Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management and Sustainability at a time that suits you.
  • 95.7% of postgraduate students in our Agriculture and Environmental Studies find full-time employment within four months of graduating (Graduate Outcomes Survey 2017-2019).

What you will study

The University of Newcastle Graduate Certificate of Environmental Management and Sustainability blends 20 core units and 20 units of directed courses, providing you with fundamental concepts and focused training in environmental management or sustainability.

You will learn about contemporary environmental issues while developing a sound understanding of the key approaches to environmental management and decision-making from practical and theoretical perspectives. You will also expand your critical appreciation of sustainability, ethics, governance and cultural difference in relation to environmental practice and management.

Key study areas include:

  • sustainability and ecosystem health
  • environmental management
  • implementing environmental resilience and addressing complexity
  • environmental legislation and policy

Career opportunities

The University of Newcastle Graduate Certificate of Environmental Management and Sustainability provides you with a combination of skills that can aid you in achieving a promotion, assist you in bettering your performance in your current role, or change career paths, whether you are working for non-government organisations, government, or the private sector.

Upon graduation you may consider positions including:

  • environmental officer in the resource sector or government
  • environmental consultant
  • manager of a National park or protected area
  • environmental educator and interpreter

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