Writing Clear Science Workshops and Courses


What we teach:

We teach how to write clearly and succinctly, without sacrificing scientific accuracy.

We teach you how to get your thoughts down clearly and how to increase your efficiency as a writer. We teach how to write and design documents according to audience (e.g. industry, peer review), purpose (e.g. monitoring report, journal article) and the type of research or project problem that needs to be solved.

We review the standard scientific reporting framework, how to prepare reports and papers, and discuss how to clearly and concisely communicate a research project to a chosen audience. In addition, across the two days, we conduct editing, writing and re-writing exercises, where we teach how to improve writing through effective editing skills and critical review techniques.

How we teach:

  • Until further notice, all teaching is conducted online.
  • We create a comfortable environment where you can participate at your own pace.

Who we teach:

  • Any person who writes about science: scientists, science students and science professionals.

What we understand:

  • Why writing is a struggle for many people.
  • How to simplify the writing process and improve efficiency.

What we provide:

  • Exercises that allow you to write about your own projects and topics.
  • Improved writing skills and a writing toolkit for future reference.
  • Editing & feedback on your writing.

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