Writing Clear Science - Online Course

Online Course: How to be an Efficient (Science) Writer: Self-study & Premium Enrolment

Dr Marina Hurley shows you how to rapidly produce a content-rich first draft and be more efficient at each stage of the writing process. Dr Marina Hurley teaches science writing from a broad framework that covers all document types and scientific disciplines. The worksheets and writing exercises allow you to write information that can be immediately used for your current projects. Full course details and booking information available here:

Learn how to:

  • Get your thoughts down quickly
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Avoid distraction and procrastination
  • Effectively manage your writing project and monitor your productivity
  • Produce a content-rich first draft of a new document by the end of the course

Dr Marina Hurley’s online course How to be an Efficient (Science) Writer is now open for two types of enrolment: Self-Study and Premium enrolment.

Self-Study Enrolment

  • The Self-Study Enrolment allows students to access the entire online course and complete their learning independently. The self-study enrolment gives you 12 months access to the entire online course library. Cost: $145 (incl. GST)

Premium Enrolment

In addition to 12 months access to the entire online course library, further training is provided by Dr Marina Hurley. You will receive written feedback on your writing exercise answers, access to the online tutorial group, and participation in live tutorial and Q&A webinars. Cost: $425 (incl. GST). Next release is 2nd May 2022 (Bookings close 29th of April).

Bookings & further info: www.writingclearscience.com.au/efficient-science-writing

To request an invoice before proceeding with your booking, please email [email protected]




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