2019 Retreat + Leadership Program


Spiritual Ecology is a spiritual response to our present ecological crisis. It is a developing field that joins ecology and environmentalism with the awareness of the sacred within creation. It calls for responses to environmental issues that include spiritual awareness and/or practice. The principles of spiritual ecology are simple: In order to respond to such environmental issues as depletion of species, climate change, and over-consumption, humanity must examine and reassess our underlying attitudes and beliefs about the earth, and our spiritual as well as physical responsibilities toward the planet.

Over the coming decades much of the work needed to support ecological renewal will fall on millennials and younger generations. Spiritual Ecology can help support and inspire young people who recognise the need to create a future that is not driven by materialism and greed, but rooted in the spiritual values of reverence for nature, interconnectedness, stewardship, compassion and service.

These events offer younger generations and those who are drawn to work for the future, the tools and resources to respond from a place that is real and transformative. Together let’s consider what a spiritual response to our social and ecological crisis would look like.


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Thursday, 14 February, 2019 to Sunday, 17 February, 2019
ALL Australia