Off-Grid Living Festival 2021

The Off-Grid Living Festival is the best and biggest sustainability event in Australia, that still has a grassroots vibe. With a huge array of unique exhibits, talks, workshops and people from all walks of life here to inspire you!

The off-grid living festival enables and empowers people to take their energy needs into their own hands, transition to sustainable lifestyles, build skills and resources for self-sufficiency, meet industry experts, see unique crafts and connect with like-minded friends.

This festival is for people who are just starting to think about sustainable living, those who are ready to take one step off the grid and off-grid enthusiasts alike. From luxury off-grid housing and vehicles through to minimalist survival skills and tiny houses, you’ll see it all at the next Off-Grid Living Festival. 10th -11th April, Eldorado Victoria, Australia.

Online: Click here for further information and to register


Event Organiser: 
Creative Collectives Australia
Event Date: 
Saturday, 10 April, 2021 to Sunday, 11 April, 2021
ALL Australia