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Permanent full-time position that combines working from the office, working from home and in the field, with an option for a 9-day fortnight | Total remuneration package of $81 - 90K per annum (including super)
Location: Hobart
Type: Full Time
Closes: 05/07/2022
University of Tasmania
Opportunity to perform research that contributes to a meaningful project | Total remuneration package of up to $110,239 comprising base salary within the range of $72,861 to $94,221 plus 17% super
Location: Hobart
Type: Full Time
Closes: 29/07/2022
Kingborough Council
As part of an experienced team managing bushland reserves and natural assets, you will be involved in the control of weed infestations to enhance the health and resilience of bushland areas and wildlife habitats | $58,813 to $60,015 p.a, plus 12.5% employer super and a 9-day fortnight
Location: Hobart
Type: Full Time
Closes: 11/07/2022


Here's a list of environmental jobs in Hobart. Each position advertised that is shown on on this page (and following pages) will be located in the metropolitan area of Hobart. If you are interested in finding out about sustainability opportunities in Tasmania that are outside of the Hobart metro area, then, when you pick a location, if you click 'ALL TAS' this will broaden your job search to green career opportunities throughout the whole of Tasmania.


If you are interested in applying for a position then all the 'apply instructions' for the different environmental and sustainability jobs listed are in the body of the advertised position itself.


You can change the locations that display for these environmental and sustainability position adverts by scrolling up and selecting a different location in the 'Refine Search' box on the top left-hand side of this page.


What's also really useful is you can select multiple locations and environmental jobs types by using this 'Refine Search' box. For example, if you are interested in environmental jobs in both Sydney and Melbourne, it's possible to see these locations at the same time rather than in separate job searches.
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