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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Job Seekers

How Do I Subscribe To The EJNWeekly Mailout?


To subscribe to the EJN Weekly mailout, simply click here and enter the best email address for your weekly email to be sent to.

How Do I Find Employment In Australia?


Whilst EJN is not a recruitment agency, we do provide the opportunity to search through environmental job advertisements in the environmental industry.

We also have heaps of free resources about working in the environmental sector on our website and provide a short program of videos to help with resume writing.

Below is some useful information for people from the international community looking to get work in Australia.

It can be very challenging to get employment in Australia, as work visas can be difficult to obtain.

It is highly recommended that you read the immigration website, to find out how you can get a visa, as this outlines the criteria determining whether you are eligible for a position.

Sometimes foreign nationals have a difficult time securing work in Australia because they are unfamiliar with the application process. Very few employers are interested in generic cover letters sent to many potential employers with a generic resume. You should research each position and company, and tailor your entire application (cover letter, CV and key selection criteria) to the position. If it is requested, you cannot omit the key selection criteria. These are often listed in the job advertisement or position description. It is important to always contact the employer to see if there is a position description. Often, your application will be passed over if it is missing any of these elements. 

It is also very important for foreign nationals to be able to communicate clearly in English. This means either working on your language skills in an academic setting or at the very least, having someone else read your application to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. It is easy to tell if someone's English skills are not very good, and these applications can also get passed over very quickly.

Once you are certain that your CV is up to Australian Standards and presents a great impression, you can then use job search sites such as EJN to find potential positions. 

Can You Give Me Some Tips For Environmental Job Hunting?


Where Can I Study Environment / Sustainability Courses?


For information about environmental courses around Australia, please go to the Education section.

Alternatively, for very specific queries, you can contact universities and speak directly with course administrators, or go online and search for information directly on their websites.


How Do I Advertise On EJN?


Placing an advert is easy, all you need to do is email us the details by using the form on our website. If your advert is already listed elsewhere, just send us the url link to your advert we will do the rest for you. 

We will upload your job on our website and send you the link for your approval. Once you've approved everything we will market your advert in our newsletter and out to our 90,000+ social media followers.

To find out more about advertising environmental jobs and environmental volunteer positions click here.

To find out more about advertising online environmental events click here.

To advertise environmental education courses click here.

We accept payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or any of the major credit cards.

How Am I Invoiced?


Invoices will be emailed to you after we have loaded your advertisement onto our website and you have approved the copy.

What Is Included In Advertising Packages?


To discuss branded packages and opportunities with us directly, please contact us through our contact us page.


What Services Do You Offer Recruitment Agencies?


Benefits to recruitment agencies, including advertising costs, are provided in detail on our job advertising page.

Alternatively, to discuss packages and opportunities please contact us through our contact us page.


What are your terms and conditions?


For more information please see the Terms and Conditions page.

photo of sai htin aung providing a review on the how to write a resume program

Job Seekers

"My previous resume was crammed and hard to read. Following Kay’s advice in the program, I was able to put all the necessary content in a more structured and presentable way. The duration of the videos makes it very easy to follow. I highly recommend this program to anyone like me looking to improve their resume."
- Sai Htin Aung, Melbourne
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"We recently used EJN's job advertising service. Through this advertising, we ending up hiring 2 employees and both were fantastic. We shall certainly continue to use EJN to advertise our positions in the future"
- Sally Cave, Operation Wallacea
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