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About Tucker Environmental:

Tucker Environmental is an environmental advisory consultancy that works with Government and private sector clients in helping them understand and manage the benefits and risks of their ecological impact. This means we work on a variety of projects and partnerships with a focus on soil health, water, biodiversity and carbon management expertise in Government, Agriculture and Infrastructure.

See www.tuckerenviron.com.au

We are seeking an environmental professional who has a passion for working with nature, not against her. We want someone who has a keen eye for detail, who can work across disciplines, manage processes and pull together technical and non-technical elements to deliver our projects.

Our Outcome:
Our outcome is to find a collaborative, passionate professional who will assist the Director to undertake project work and streamline our current systems and workflows, as well as continue to innovate and improve our systems as we continue to grow. We have a few large projects commencing next year and this role will play a major part in the success of the business. This role requires someone who can:

  • Work autonomously and be equally comfortable researching information behind a computer or being at site.
  • Maintain a genuine drive and passion for seeking positive outcomes with clients whilst translating this into tangible outcomes for the business.
  • Seek and create simplicity and efficiency in our business.
  • Self-motivate and be highly organised in working on detailed tasks and delivering these to a high standard.
  • Apply keen observational skills and use an analytical mind to problem-solving.
  • Use their written and verbal communication skills to discuss and document technical information from our partners.
  • Seek new clients and develop their own professional network to help build the business.
  • Live the values of the business and be 100% aligned with our purpose and mission.

If you pride yourself on your personal life being organised, efficient, and are genuinely passionate about things running smoothly, you might be a good fit for this role.

Your Opportunity:
Our business is small, yet we work on some of the highest profile projects and biggest environmental issues of this generation. The individual we bring onboard will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills across carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture practices in the land sector, native vegetation, biodiversity and water management. These are complex environmental issues and Australia has a significant opportunity to do better, which is why our business and this role exists.

This role is for someone who wants to learn, is willing to be pushed outside their comfort zone and can apply a sharp business acumen.

The hours for this role are flexible as we want the right person and would consider 16 hours per week (2 days) up to a 32-hour week (4 days). We are a family friendly business and can provide flexibility in working hours for the right individual or to help you manage continuing study or other personal commitments. We expect the individual candidate will be able to manage their time effectively to support their personal growth and the growth of the business.

This role will require the individual to be Sydney or Sydney region based with our team working from home or in our client’s offices from time to time. In working from home, you must have a work environment that is uninterrupted during the hours you work and the tools to get the job done.

Remuneration is negotiable and salary commensurate with the level of experience, depending on hours and desired flexibility.

Required Qualifications and Desired Experience:
The individual will have a bachelor’s degree or Masters/PhD in environmental science, soil science, natural resource management, ecological systems or related fields. Ideally the individual will have some work experience in a professional role.

Before You Apply!
This role is NOT for someone who:

  • Wants an easy check-in and check-out experience.
  • Does not take pride in their work.
  • Wants to be micromanaged.
  • Lacks creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Cannot communicate directly, fluently and promptly between multiple people.
  • Cannot achieve outcomes outside of an office environment.
  • Does not share Brad’s enthusiasm for chilli condiments.… OK we might let this one slide.

If you have the technical skills, problem solving abilities, and desire to push yourself and contribute to our small business, send Brad your resume, detailing your experience and track record of results in this space.

Bradley Tucker – Director Tucker Environmental Pty Ltd
[email protected]