Operations Manager



Position Description - Operations Manager
Ongoing Part-time 28 hours per week

TreeProject is a not for profit, volunteer-based organisation with a significant history in sustainable revegetation throughout Victoria by providing low cost indigenous seedlings grown by urban volunteers to rural landholders.

Role Description

The Operations Manager manages the operational and administrative requirements of TreeProject within a not-for-profit budget framework.

Duties include supplier liaison, stakeholder communication, accounts management and records management.

The role requires effective networking with landholders, seed banks and other organisations such as Landcare, Councils and Catchment Management Authorities.

Key tasks

The Operations Manager is responsible for:

  • overseeing the Re-Tree Scheme including landholder orders, grower coordination and managing planting requirements
  • ensuring the TreeProject Nursery meets contractual and regulatory obligations
  • maintaining an efficient office including records management, data processing and governing policy and procedures
  • maintaining a smooth accounts management process including invoicing and payroll processing
  • coordinating the attendance and involvement at promotional events (expos, field days) and operational events (planting days, working bees)
  • developing corporate partnership opportunities such as building alliances and new business sponsorships
  • acquiring and retaining private and philanthropic sponsorship and donations
  • contributing to and delivering on the organisational communication plan
  • identifying and articulating opportunities that can be funded through government or private grants
  • reporting on activities and raising potential issues to monthly committee meetings.

Key Selection Criteria

The ideal candidate will demonstrate understanding and experience in:

  • the propagation of indigenous plants from seed
  • working within a not-for-profit culture and Committee of Management structure
  • working with, coordinating and instructing volunteers in the office and in an offsite environment
  • engaging and recruiting active participants from a variety of stakeholders including the rural community, government bodies and the corporate sector
  • sourcing funding from a variety of stakeholders including philanthropic organisations, government bodies and the corporate sector.


Applications should be emailed to [email protected] including a current resume and a cover letter that addresses the key selection criteria.



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