Environmental News

Walmart and Unilever are changing the way we think about saving the world’s forests and mitigating climate change.
Family members have paid an emotional tribute to victims of the Dianne maritime tragedy by releasing a green sea turtle in their honour.
Straws make up less than 1% of the ocean’s plastic waste; fishing nets and gear account for 10%.
Fracking has made a comeback — and people aren't happy.
Scientists hope acoustic monitors will help locate a population of critically endangered plains-wanderers at Boolcoomatta Reserve in far-east South Australia.
80% say they would pay up to $10 per week for better services
German renewable energy giant Innogy says it has made a final investment decision on the 349MW Limondale solar farm in New South Wales, and will begin construction of what will be Australia’s biggest solar farm in October.
The world's first hydrogen fuel cell train officially entered commercial service in the German state of Lower Saxony on Monday.
A trial project by Endeavour Foundation Townsville is turning confidential documents into paper shreds that are sold to a Queensland company that turns it into kitty litter.
It’s called "semi-artificial photosynthesis" — and it’s an awesome way to fight climate change.