Environmental News

China has offered a lifeline to the world's most trafficked non-human mammals by removing pangolin scales from its official list of traditional medicines.
Cats Wreak Havoc on Native Wildlife, but We’ve Found One Adorable Species Outsmarting Them
As human populations grow, our incursion into a variety of habitats expands even as our appetite for certain animals remains unabated. 
It seems Christmas Island's notorious robber crabs have truly earned their name after a suspected late-night burglary on the remote territory.
The Great Barrier Reef is facing one of the most widespread coral bleaching events on record, as water temperatures in the Coral Sea spike.
There's a reason Australian tourism ads feature panning shots of untouched remote beaches and valleys lined with vineyards.
A second king penguin has been spotted on mainland Tasmania, with one wildlife officer calling the sighting especially rare "unless you're on a tourist ship...
There is hope two species of endangered native fish will survive in the wild, despite bushfires and damaging rainfall events in their habitat.
Every Victorian can rightly feel not only appalled, deeply saddened and heartbroken, but angry.