Environmental News

The spectacled hare-wallaby, feared extinct in the Kimberley, has been rediscovered near Broome.
Thousands of fans are monitoring the new brood in their nest in a high-rise office building
The ghost netting Matt Waller hauled out of seemingly pristine waters near Boston Island, in South Australia last year was the last straw.
The rare Huon pine, which has existed on Earth for thousands of years, could go extinct due to the effects of climate change, experts warn.
Eric Woehler is sick of the continuous penguin deaths from dog attacks in Tasmania.
Meng Meng delivered two cubs, which must eventually be returned to China
Australia will ban the domestic trade of ivory and rhino horn, with state and territory environment ministers to discuss how to enforce the outlaw the market later this year.
There are fears poisons are leaking from a copper mine into an outback river system used for camping and fishing in Western Australia's Pilbara region.
Australia spent more than a decade developing promising policies that defined sustainable agriculture with broad indicators for measuring progress.
A couple has unknowingly consumed and bathed in recycled water from an Adelaide wastewater facility for eight years due to a water connection bungle at their home.