Environmental News

Norway’s Statkraft, one of Europe’s largest producers of renewable energy, is pressing ahead with plans to build its first ever floating solar facility.
A rare hoodwinker sunfish that washed ashore at a Californian beach left scientists baffled when they could not identify it.
Since colonisation, a dizzying array of Australia’s native species and ecosystems have been altered or removed altogether. It therefore seems natural to consider the idea of restoring what’s been lost – a process termed “rewilding”.
CEOs of Australia's largest companies are hearing the message and realising that on issues from climate change to gender diversity the need to act is not just a moral one.
In these times of rising activism on climate change and other environmental threats, a new band of campaigners has joined the fight: street artists. And these artists are using the landscape, communities and social media to spread their message.
Exploring the Canning River, growing up on a Mundijong dairy farm and enjoying produce from my grandfather’s Subiaco vegie patch had me thinking about nature and our impact on it from a young age.
Experts say some members of ‘enormously important’ myrtle family could be extinct within five years, with others to follow
Florida's longest red tide in more than a decade has killed scores of the state's most iconic marine animals.
Tourists visiting Maria Island, the Tasmanian holiday destination and wombat stronghold, are being invited to take a pledge to keep a safe distance from the furry residents.
Rare, beautiful and deadly sawfish once swam in waters from Sydney to Perth but these days you're more likely to spot one nailed to the wall of a pub than see them in the wild.