Environmental News

As protests against a plan to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight take place around the nation...
A 23MW hybrid generation project developed by EDL at the Agnew gold mine has commenced operations, integrating solar into a gas and diesel micro-grid...
Newly elected QFF head promoted tour by controversial scientist Peter Ridd and said reef regulation was based on ‘dodgy modelling’
Western Queensland communities, harvesters and peak body AgForce have been shocked by a decision to stop the 2020 kangaroo harvest.
A farming couple are using their newfound knowledge as amateur bird photographers as an entree into environmental conservation
They grow to 1.5 metres in length but are hard to see — a deep underground squelching being the tell-tale sign for farmers of an elusive species on their property.
After almost a decade spent protecting a famed little penguin colony in south-west Victoria from fox predation, Tula the Maremma sheepdog is hanging up her lead.
The spectacled hare-wallaby, feared extinct in the Kimberley, has been rediscovered near Broome.
Thousands of fans are monitoring the new brood in their nest in a high-rise office building
The ghost netting Matt Waller hauled out of seemingly pristine waters near Boston Island, in South Australia last year was the last straw.