Environmental News

The ban on single-use plastic bags by Australia's two largest supermarkets has prevented the introduction of an estimated 1.5 billion bags into the environment, and the retail industry hopes this is only the beginning.
The number of resident dolphins in Darwin Harbour has almost halved since construction of the huge Inpex liquid natural gas plant and shipping channel began in 2011.
Climate change is playing a major role in the Netherlands sinking more than expected, say researchers.
A $38 million Tesla battery plant in South Australia is on track to be up and running by May.
Walmart and Unilever are changing the way we think about saving the world’s forests and mitigating climate change.
Family members have paid an emotional tribute to victims of the Dianne maritime tragedy by releasing a green sea turtle in their honour.
Straws make up less than 1% of the ocean’s plastic waste; fishing nets and gear account for 10%.
Fracking has made a comeback — and people aren't happy.
Scientists hope acoustic monitors will help locate a population of critically endangered plains-wanderers at Boolcoomatta Reserve in far-east South Australia.
80% say they would pay up to $10 per week for better services