Over the years EJN has developed a number of resources that people can benefit from free of charge. In this section of our site, there are publications on environmental career paths, salaries and job profiles in a guide, leaflet and poster format that you may find useful.

Although some of these guides were produced a few years ago, they are still very useful to assist with decisions when embarking on a career in the environmental industry.

This is because each report builds on the last. For example, The 2010 Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia updates and builds on the 2004 Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia.

Also, to help you learn about and access the networks and information you should find useful in finding and developing your green career, we list a number of networks and websites that you can access.

This section of our website also contains information about Environmental GraduatesEnvironmental ApprenticeshipsEnvironmental VolunteeringEnvironmental Consultancies and Environmental Recruitment Agencies

A Guide to Environment Profession Career Profiles in Australia - 2017

As part of research associated with Education for Sustainability at RMIT University, RMIT in conjunction with EJN and the Centre for Sustainability Leadership has produced a new guide to environmental careers in Australia. This updates and builds on the 2010 Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia as grouping of these career profiles has followed the categorisation that had been developed within ‘The Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia, 2010’. This 2010 guide provided a base for the 2016 survey and can be found on our publications page. These resources provide helpful information about environmental careers in Australia. Reading this report will allow you to learn exactly what people do day to day in the various environmental sustainability careers options.

CV writing assistance: $200 + GST

Environmental Resources - CV Writing Sessions

These are interactive sessions based on presenting your CV well. Your CV is the document that determines whether an employer calls you for an interview, so it is a very important document.

These interactive phone sessions are conducted by Kay Farnell the Director of Environmental Jobs Network. Kay recruited in the environmental sector in Australia for fifteen years. She knows her stuff!

These sessions consist of:

  • An initial review of your CV (Kay does this after you have sent it to her)
  • A follow-up phone session to help you present your skills and experience in the best possible light.
  • We will go over your experience with you and re-write any sections to ensure your CV is presented in a professional manner and describes your career to date in the most effective way possible. That way, you have the best possible chance of securing an interview.
  • Don't keep putting it off, call today to get help with your CV!!!

Is it time for a new career? The Environmental Jobs Network environmental course database contains information about services offered by Australian Universities, TAFE Colleges and Professional Short Courses.

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