This page is an informative starting point for people looking for an environmental career or information about environmental careers.

It contains leaflets, guides, reports and posters. Below are listed leaflets, guides and posters published by EJN, as well as other useful resources published by others.

Take a moment to look at the materials developed by EJN and feel free to use them when researching the sectors, variety of careers and qualifications required within the environmental industry.


The 2010 guide to Environmental Careers in Australia - Download PDF

This 2010 Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia, updates and builds on the 2004 edition. This guide takes into consideration the rapid growth and development of the environmental industry over the last 6 years and outlines the types of roles and career opportunities available in this green collar workforce. This Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia 2010 is split into four main sections. For an outline on what each includes read The Introduction. To view the entire guide click the title above. Each chapter can be viewed separately: The Environmental Industry, The Careers, The Career Advice, The Rational and Research.

EJN has run the interactive 'Top Ten Tips' workshop at the Sustainable Living Festival. In conjunction with guest speakers, attendees compile a list of tips for those seeking to enter the environmental industry based on their own experiences and advice from the professionals!

Be Part of the Solution! - Download PDF

Information sheet demonstrating different sectors and careers within the environmental industry, with several case studies of environmental professionals.

Environmental Careers Bullseye - Download PDF

A3 poster providing information about the range of environmental jobs available and the recommended education level required to obtain these positions, based on research for the Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia.

Every Job Can Be an Environmental Job - Download PDF

This A3 poster provides a general breakdown of environmental jobs into 10 major areas, sourced from the Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia.

The 2004 Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia - Download PDF

The Guide provides essential assistance to those looking to get into, or to move within, environmental careers in Australia - for students, graduates, current employees and career advisors.

Careers in the Environment - Download PDF

Booklet authored by EJN and published by Graduate Careers Australia in 2008, providing a summary of and update to the Guide to Environmental Careers in Australia.

The 2011 Sustainability Roles and Salary Survey Executive Summary - Download PDF

This unprecedented survey will provide insight into the individuals employed in this expanding market, from the types of organisations they work for, to their job functions, salaries and career backgrounds.

The survey is a collaborative project between recruitment consultancy Turning Green and key partners: The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Australian Green Infrastructure Council (AGIC), Environmental Jobs Network (EJN) and Models of Success and Sustainability (MOSS).