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Many people have noticed the catch-22 situation in which it's hard to get a job without experience and hard to get experience without a job.


This is where volunteer work comes in. Volunteering for an environmental organisation can give you the experience you need, the opportunity to learn about the organisation and industry, and 'a foot in the door'. That way, you're in the right place if a paid job opportunity does arise.


Volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded people and share experiences of the job market, pass on hints, and find out about green jobs that you may not have heard of otherwise.


Being willing to do unpaid work, is also a great way to make a real difference to a cause you believe in. Many environmental organisations would not be able to operate without volunteers.


If you want to do volunteer work, one good starting point would be to check with your local council to find out about things occurring in your area.


You could also investigate local ‘friends’ or community groups who may be involved in environmental activities in your area, for example, Friends of Merri Creek is a community group that has actively worked since 1988 to restore and protect the Merri Creek in Victoria.


Or you could look into organisations that operate nationally such as Friends Of The Earth Australia  - a national entity that has local environmental volunteers as well.


Are you interested in reading more detailed information on volunteering organisations that operate nationally and in the different states in Australia? If so, check out our blog post - Volunteering Australia this has much more detail about more organisations that accept environmental volunteers. In this post, we've listed organisations that have real opportunities for unpaid work and give you a chance to really get involved.


You can also search for environmental volunteer jobs through our environmental jobs page.

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