Why Should You Advertise Your Environmental Jobs With Us?

  • Are you under pressure to fill an environmental position?
  • We offer targeted advertising with a guarantee*
  • Scroll down to see how advertising your environmental vacancies with us will benefit you.

Excellent Value For Money

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  • Excellent value - Only $110 + GST for up to 45 days of advertising
  • This price includes our website, weekly newsletter and social media blasts for the duration of your advertising

We rank number one in Google when people search for 'environmental jobs'

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  • We've done the heavy lifting for you when it comes to organic searching
  • This means we are the first website your potential candidates will see when they enter the search terms 'environmental jobs or 'enviro jobs'

Niche environmental Community

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  • In addition to your advert being on our website, it will also be marketed to a community of 60,000+ newsletter subscribers and social media followers for the duration of the advert.
  • Your advert will be in our weekly newsletter until the close date at no extra cost to you

Targeted Advertising Which Saves You Time

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  • All we do is environmental jobs
  • This targeted advertising to our niche community means your advert will be seen by more people with relevant skills
  • This means more quality and less quantity in the types of applications you will receive

We Save You Time

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  • Advertising with us is an easy process - all we need is a link to your advert or a copy of your advert and we will upload your advert to our website for you and we won't charge you any extra to do so
  • We save you time so you can focus less on admin and more on high impact work that really counts

We offer a guarantee

*'If by the close date of your advert, you feel you don't have enough potentially suitable applicants, we will extend your advertising at no extra cost'

 Kay Farnell - Director Environmental Jobs Network

Real Comments From Real Clients

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‘EJN has helped us fill at least 10 positions from graduate scientist through to senior PMs. Applicants generally have a strong environmental background with appropriate university qualifications. EJN is very easy to work with and have a very fast turnaround'.

 Jasmin Porter - JBS&G

More Real Comments From Real Clients

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‘We recently used EJN's job advertising service. Through this advertising, we ending up hiring 2 employees and both were fantastic. We shall certainly continue to use the Environmental Jobs Network website to advertise our positions in the future'.

 Sally Cave - Operation Wallacea

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much is it to advertise?  Just $110 + GST covers advertising on our website, weekly newsletter and social media followers for the duration of your advertising (maximum of 45 days). This price makes us the most cost-effective jobs board in Australia!
  • What is the process?  Click here to advertise You can send us a link to your advert or the actual advert itself. We will upload everything to our website and send a link over for your approval. No other jobs board uploads your vacancy for you without charging extra!
  • How do I pay?  Once you are totally satisfied. We will send you an invoice via the email. Your invoice can be paid via EFT or online with a credit card.

With us you use up less time and less money

Out of all the jobs boards in Australia, we offer the most value at the best price!

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